Monday, 20 August 2012

Timmie’s last day

Timmie's last day

This is one of the last pictures I got to take of The Elder Statesman.  I had been looking at him every day for over a year wondering when age was finally going to catch up with him.

Over the last year he had gotten progressively more frail and forgetful, often stopping in his tracks because he had no idea of where he was going. He barked at nothing, walked up to walls and waited for somebody to remind him to turn around. When he started to go down, it was very quick.  On the Friday he pottered along for a little walk and got all perky when a new female dog passed by, doing the dog equivalent of straightening himself up and adjusting his tie.

On the Saturday he was clearly ailing and by the Sunday, when this picture was taken, he was unable to move around without help, and was really unsettled – he just seemed unable to get comfortable.  Because it was a nice day, I carried him out into the garden and let him lie in the sun on his bed, which he seemed to appreciate.

I sat up all night with him and early this morning brought him to the vet’s office and stayed with him until he was gone. I don’t think he even realised where he was.

Tim was the most beautiful dog anybody could have had. Every day with him was a joy.  RIP my wonderful friend.


  1. Although it is dated on the day Timmie died, It has actually taken me until now to write this piece and I am still having trouble coming to terms with losing him,

  2. I don't know how you had the strength, honestly. We love our pets in such a special way ... they are more than children, because they never stop trusting us completely and unquestioningly ... I think it's their trust that makes us so dependent on them.